From the Frontline: How to thrive in your career as a woman

In this special episode to tie in with APM’s annual Think Differently conference, Emma De Vita, the editor of Project journal, speaks to three ambitious female project professionals to talk about how to have a thriving career despite the barriers that organisational or team culture still persistently put in the way of individual women – women who might also be contending with bias around race or age. Change needs to happen, so let’s find out how to go about doing it from women who are all flourishing in their careers despite the challenges.

On the panel are:

  • Debbie Lewis, a portfolio programme manager at Fujitsu Services, and a speaker at APM’s Think Differently Conference
  • Anita Phagura, a project manager with a background in transport who now empowers project managers to lead fiercely, authentically, and inclusively
  • Emma Regulski, a programme manager at consultancy Faithful + Gould

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